Even diplomats post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Diplotwoops.

RT @patrickgaspard: Isn't she beautiful? “@EmbassyOfHaiti: Ambassador @patrickgaspard poses with his mother. #EOHSpeakers http://t.co/vZjN…

@BartsPete the only advise to you: dare to come to Crimea and see how wrong you are. You'll be very much surprised.

RT @earthhour: #EarthHour Tip 9: Lend your voice to the movement! Support a cause you believe in here → ehour.me/ehaction #YourPower #…

At @Ulster_GaelicSF annual gig - these lads know where to party - #HardingParkGC hosts the world match play in April http://t.co/BoZw8of2oj

RT @Nadraki: ****Earthquake Alert**** There was a 5.2 magnitude earthquake with a depth of 53km at 7.16am this morning. It... http://t.co/…

イグルーはぜひ実物をご覧になってくださいね!ちなみに“のれん”にも凝ってますよ!場所は代官山ヒルサイドフォーラムです。#グリーンランドinTYO http://t.co/2ksq2YYD2v

Lideres y Voceros de Moviemientos Sociales en Canadá dicen #ObamaDerogaElDecretoYa .@PatriaEficiente .@DrodriguezVen http://t.co/6OuVa3oksm

Кыргызстан забыл... http://t.co/L1aG9C4USz